Top quality coffee

We search, we explore, we choose.

Commercial coffee and specialty coffee, these are the two main categories of coffee. And, just like in any other industry, there can be good and not so good versions in both categories – in the end is all about personal preferences. Commercial coffee generally means big brands, huge turnovers, aggressive marketing campaigns and, in most cases, extensive plantations and sped up processes. At the other end of the spectrum is specialty coffee – the one that we will further on refer to, because this is what Coffee Designers is all about.

Specialty coffee implies small coffee farms, rigorous selection, slow, hand made processes and a lot of care from seeding to serving. In specialty coffee you have considerably more opportunities to try various tastes, rarer varieties, better flavours and occasionally you can co-create, so that you reach the perfect mix for your taste.

We, the Coffee Designers, select our fresh single origin coffees only from small plantations, farms with tradition and recognition among coffee experts, managed by people known for their great care for soil, plants and methods.

We use Arabica coffee or closely-related species (variety is always mentioned on packaging).
Arabica tree is very pretentious when it comes to temperature – it has to be neither too high nor too low, and it grows best in certain well-watered, mountainous regions of the tropics at altitudes over 1000 m above sea level all the way up to 2500 m or more. But Arabica provides an extremely large area of flavours as each variety, depending on origin, will combine the environmental elements in it’s final notes, having a fruity, floral, cocoa or other aromatic flavour that is borrowed from the soil that surrounds it.

We search, we explore and we choose some really special coffees, with character and distinctive flavours and aromas. The coffee cherries are selectively hand picked as they ripen and dried with extreme care by experienced farmers, then packed in small batches and delivered to be roasted to perfection by our specialty coffee enthusiastic professional roasters.

Selecting & Sourcing