The perfect roast

More complicated than it seems.

When you start discovering it, coffee is very complex. So is roasting. It can go from dark to light color depending on the temperature. The higher temperature is, the darker it gets, loosing the acidity. Light roast, because of lower temperature gives more acidity and complex aroma. Middle ground – medium roast – is commonly used for specialty coffee roasting.

Development must be very carefully done so there is no under or overdevelopment that will effect the final taste of the drink. The key is to apply the right amount of heat at the correct times in the roast to develop the inside and outside of the bean evenly. Finding the „sweet spot” of every batch is extremely difficult. Speed of roasting and timing are also crucial as that too can affect the finished product.

Each step has huge impact in the end result. And, depending on coffee origin and desired result, a different treatment is applied for each roasting. So there is only one rule that we apply to all our roasts: we don’t save on time and effort. We experiment until we get it right, giving our coffee selection the best chance to charm with it’s unique taste and distinctive smell.

It’s all in the magic hands of a skilful roaster to make the transformation from high quality fresh green bean to unique flavourful and aromatic roasted coffee. Our partner roasters properly identify each of our variety potential in order to develop the particular and complex flavours.
For us, the relationship with our partner roasters is really important. We work closely with like-minded coffee enthusiasts that share our vision so that together we can craft cups for your pleasure.

Roasting & Blending