Bourbon Rosado 1 kg

150,00 lei

Specialty Coffee from Huila, Colombia.

Type: 100% Arabica • single origin

Producer: Freimar Cifuentes • Finca La Estrella

Processing method: washed

Quality Score: 88+

Cup: balanced, sweet and fruity, with notes of caramel, apple, rich chocolate and soft lemon

Net weight: 1000 grams (1 kg)

Bag size: roughly 34 x 14x 8 cm

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Bourbon Rosado is our first coffee – a very special one… rare, unique and delightful – ready to give the coffee aficionado an intriguing, refreshing experience and, at the same time, able to welcome any novice to the pleasant world of specialty coffee.

Grown and harvested in Huila, Colombia, this coffee is the result of a very rare hybridisation, and given careful isolation is required to preserve its unique colour and character, it is a particularly hard varietal to get hold of.

In the 1980’s, Cenicafe (The Federation) built several research farms around Colombia. The resulting experiments with Ethiopian and Kenyan varietals is thought to have originally birthed the Bourbon Rosado.

Also known as the Pink Bourbon, it is particularly resistant to leaf rust – this leads many to believe that the varietal is in fact a hybrid much closer to a Geisha than a traditional Bourbon, a varietal traditionally extremely susceptible to leaf rust.

The unknowns surrounding this relatively young varietal’s beginnings only serves to complement its unique flavour profile.

This special offering comes to us courtesy of producer Freimar Cifuentes of Acevedo, Colombia. His small farm, Finca La Estrella, is a 5 hectare parcel of which 3 hectares are planted in Bourbon Rosado and Caturra.

The coffee grows at around 1750 meters above sea level and is harvested in may. His process consists of harvesting only ripe cherries, pulping on the same day using a traditional 4 outlet pulper, fermenting wet for 36 hours, washing the coffee 3 times, then placing the beans in a parabolic dryer for an average period of 15 to 20 days.

It is delivered in small batches and roasted in Bucharest with a 20% development. Then it’s packed in high quality bags with one-way degassing valves, allowing gases to escape and you to capture the bold aromas of coffee after roasting, yet keeping air outside and extending the product freshness. We use both black and white bags, with no difference in content.

All picture shown are for illustrative purpose only – packaging may differ slightly.
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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 34 × 14 × 8 cm