Something special

Creating cups of pleasure.

We believe that sharing our coffee preferences and trying new tastes will get us closer to finding our personal best coffee. We believe that coffee is multidimensional, exactly as we are, and just like in life, we should have as many new and interesting experiences that will enrich and open our world.

So we invite others to share their preferences with us and our customers. Besides our top quality selection of single origins, our aim is to deliver limited edition offerings in collaboration with various designers from all areas of expertise. Maybe people you already heard about. Maybe people you’ll have a chance to discover.

Assisted by our roasters, baristas and creatives, these Guest Coffee Designers will design the coffee and the packaging the way they like it best and share it with us, so we can see the world trough their taste. What they like? Why they like it? How you feel about it?

We think it will be a little more than “just another cup of coffee”. It will be a special cup… great coffee, with a story behind it. Give it a try and, who knows, maybe you’ll find your taste match.

Designing Coffee