Have it your way

Order and savour as is. Or create your own.

We combine our expertise and passion to offer a growing number of single origin specialty coffees and exclusive blends. We do our best to reveal the flavours and aromas of each of our meticulously selected varieties, combining the finest coffee notes into a rich aroma, with good body, balanced bitter & acidity and sweetness. We know we can’t make the perfect cup for absolutely everyone, but that doesn’t keep us from trying 😉

You can have a delicious coffee in one of our selected locations. Or you can order online a couple of bags, then use our recommendations and your flair as a “coffee enthusiast” to brew a tasty and distinctive cup.

Yet, we like to think coffee is a journey, so we encourage you to take a step further and look for the cup that matches your taste perfectly. Together with us, you can start creating your own signature coffee and be part of Coffee Designers community. Then you can share it with your friends and let them discover another side of your unique personality.

If you aspire to create your own custom coffee blend, then we can help you make your dream come true. You can either make your own „”in house”” experiments by testing and combining our designs or contact us for more in depth personalised support.

Ordering & Brewing