Great flavours and aromas

This game we play…

Specialty coffee is an unique experience. The high-quality coffee beans themselves are the foundation of superb flavour, but not the only factor. Place of origin, variety, processing, storage, roasting and further on to grinding, packaging and brewing… they all have an impact on final taste of coffee. That is why we pay close attention to details referring to each level of production.

The expert roaster ensures that the beans are roasted to a level perfectly suited to each origin’s individual characteristics. For blended coffee, we mix with care so that the final product will be balanced, emphasising the unique qualities of each variety.
Grinding is also important, since every different coffee is better suited for one or two brewing methods, and every brewing method works best with a different grinding size.
Then there is the balance: how much coffee for how much water for which brewing method for which coffee roast and variety? And how about temperature, pressure, technique?

We experiment. We try, we fail, we adjust, we repeat. In the end we find the best ways to really bring a coffee to life.
Our roasters and baristas do the hard work. You get a special coffee and pertinent, professional recommendations. Then it’s your turn to experiment. And we all enjoy playing this game of flavours and aromas.

Enjoying a cup